Work_Experiments is a research and design platform founded by Anastasia Gkoliomyti, Bruno Malusa, Dimitrios Giannelos, and Kostas Fetsis, operating across Athens, Copenhagen, Oslo and Tokyo. It was conceived as a shared effort and a post-COVID reaction to overcome physical distance and operate a digitally based collective, in order to pursue research within the urban and rural built environment. Through knowledge sharing from a diverse background, the team has a common goal of encouraging future proof, inclusive and sustainable communities through active participatory practices in critical planning and design processes

We are Work_Experiments

Anastasia Gkoliomiti

MA Arch. Eng. NTUA
Doctoral Student, Tsukamoto Laboratory / Tokyo Institute of Technology

Gkoliomyti Anastasia received her M.Arch from National Technical University of Athens in 2018. After receiving a scholarship from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to pursue studies in Japan, she now does research as a Doctoral student at Tsukamoto Laboratory in Tokyo Institute of Technology. Her interests include cross-cultural studies of space and
intersections between architecture and ethnography following disastrous events. 

Bruno Malusa

MA ARB Architect / Copenhagen

Bruno is an Architect ARB based in Copenhagen|DK who built up experience in a wide range of countries and design conditions.Currently, he is co-leading reWork, a strategic design studio focusing on the future of work. 

Dimitrios Giannelos

MArch Architect / Athens

Dimitrios has worked in multiple projects as part of design practices in Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Greece and as a consultant in participatory design workshops for the City of Ghent. His design perspective is characterized by a strong conceptual thinking, an understanding of the greater urban and political context and a strategic interdisciplinary approach. He is currently working at K-studio and researching on the theme of ‘Temporary Use’.

Kostas Fetsis

MA ARB Architect / Oslo, Copenhagen, Athens

Kostas investigates the spatial organization, in relation to architecture, the city and society, with the human scale as a point of departure. He has been involved and consulted in prestigious multidisciplinary transformations, cultural, educational and high-end retail commissions across Scandinavia, Asia and Europe. He is eager to work on strategic spatial transformations that aim to achieve inclusive and sustainable communities, exploring the future living and working conditions. He is currently working at Snøhetta.

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