The proposal concerns a holistic vision for the utilization of the former Ladopoulos paper mill complex, taking on the challenge of re-interpreting the existing facilities and reconnecting the neighborhood with the sea.

Through a future-proof phasing development, influenced by the active participation of the local community, while promoting circular practices, a lively condenser of mobility and activities is created, which facilitates the uses of central administration, cultural center, kindergarten, fab-lab workshops, public spaces and many unpredictable, organically changing, future needs of the city.

The proposed design attempts to solve the condition of disintegration, through strategic demolitions, by creating open spaces and streams, which interlace the building ensemble with the surrounding urban fabric.

The E-W orientation, which coincides with the paper production line in the former factory, was the starting point of the proposal and formed a master plan which highlights and praises the industrial character of the complex. Benefiting from its strategic position, opposite the new port, the complex will function as a foyer of the city and a pole of innovation and culture in direct relation to the center and the educational institutions of Patras.

The project is a result of a remote collaboration between Athens, Copenhagen, Oslo and Tokyo.
The team together with Alexandros Gerousis, were awarded the 1st prize in the competition for the "Study for the development and utilization of the former Ladopoulos Paper Mill industrial complex" in Patras, run by the  Regional Development Fund of Western Greece.

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